A menu is a collection of elements showing related user actions

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A menu

Vertical Menu

A vertical menu displays elements vertically.

A vertical menu's width defaults to an arbitrary size. To have it fit your content more precisely use the fluid variation in conjunction with ui grid.


A pagination menu is specially formatted to present links to pages of content


A message can be formatted to show tabs of information

Tiered Menu

A tiered menu can show the sub-sections available as part of an activated section.

Vertical Menu w/ Sub Menus

A tiered menu can show the sub-sections available as part of an activated section.

Secondary Menu

A secondary menu has more subtle formatting, ideal for showing the sections of content on a page.


A menu can point to content to show relationship


A menu can display simple text links


Header Item

A menu may have a header to help label sections of a menu.

Text Item

A menu may have a simple text item.

Single paragraphs are automatically formatted as text. You can also specify an item as textual by adding the classname text


A menu item can contain an input inside of it


A menu item can contain a button inside of it

Link Item

A menu may contain a link item, or an item formatted as if it is a link.

Items that are anchor tags will automatically be formatted as a link.

Dropdown Item

An item may contain a nested menu in a dropdown.

Dropdowns use UI dropdown elements. To have a dropdown open without javascript, use the simple variation


A menu may contain another menu group in the same level as menu items.

Nested Menu

A menu item may contain another menu nested inside that acts as a grouped sub-menu.



A menu item can be hovered

Menu items are only hoverable if they are links, defined with the variant "link", or are given the class name hover programmatically.


A menu item can be pressed in


A menu item can be active




A menu may have its colors inverted to show greater contrast


Additional colors can be specified.

These colors can also be inverted


A menu may have just icons


A menu may have labeled icons


A vertical menu may take the size of its container. (A horizontal menu does this by default)

Evenly sized items

A menu may divide its items evenly

A vertical menu can point to content adjacent to itself to show ownership


A menu may be attached to other content segments

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Horizontal Sizes

A horizontal menu can vary in size

A vertical menu can also vary in size



A menu item or menu can remove element padding, vertically or horizontally


A menu item or menu can have no borders